Home Warranties

Here is a very common scenario in today’s housing market:

You want to sell your house but you have some maintenance issues that are unresolved with your house. Your house is put on the market and an offer is presented, pending a Home Inspection? . You accept the offer and your home is inspected 2-4 weeks later. The issues you were aware of are found and a few others that you didn’t know of are discovered. Your buyers ask for a significant reduction in price or worse yet, the buyers finance company REQUIRES the issues to be corrected prior to closing.

You couldn’t afford the repairs before you put it on the market, you cant afford the price reduction or the repairs now. You have to decline the counter and your buyer backs out of their offer.

In the 2-4 weeks that has gone by, more houses have come onto the market and your house has lost enough value that you could have paid for the repairs!! So Frustrating and you have been on a emotional roller coaster for over a month!?

I have solutions and strategies to prevent this scenario happening to you before your home is ever advertised. Call and let me help you get off the roller coaster.