Summer Safety

Ok, before I started my career in real estate I was an Occupational Health and Safety manager for several Fortune 500 companies. I am also a husband, parent and caretaker (I just don’t care for being an Owner) of dogs. I can help by leverage my previous job to help my friends by highlighting the hazards of summer and vacations.

So, here is my standard Top 10 List for Water Safety:
1. Practice Sun Safety and use sunscreen.
2. Protect against bugs.
3. Prevent dehydration.
4. Explore the water feet first
5. Practice Food Safety.
6. Personal Flotation Devices Saves Lives
7. Be aware of Rip Currents (Swim Diagonal)
8. Be Weather Wise
9. Alcohol is a killer on the water!
10. Secure load while in transport (Your Boat)

West Michigan is the home of some of the most beautiful lakes, beaches, and waterways I have ever seen. However ever year there are several lives lost to drowning and overexposure to the heat by trying to have too much fun. Nothing wrong with having fun but please don’t take theses hazards for granted and understand your limitations.