Does FSBO really save you money?

Hey there! Part of the marketing strategy for all realtors is contacting property owners who are trying to sell their homes For Sale By Owner (FSBO). So I’ve contacted many this week, over 50! Either phone calls, text, or email. Here is my results:
-50 contacts
-4 return contacts by the FSBO’s

Now, I’m not being critical but if I was the realtor of the property for sale, any potential buyer wanting information on my listed property would get a call back from me within 2 minutes, 24/7/365. That’s what it means to be a realtor. Most folks today with all the information technology abound only wait 2-5 minutes then they move on to the next one. So if you are a FSBO or considering FSBO, buckle up and be committed to the sale and respond like ya want to sell your house!

If your not committed, let me explain what’s going to happen: Your house will stay on the market longer, your price point will deteriorate, and you will be out competed by other home owners using a realtor or a responsive FSBO.

So assess your ability to respond 24/7/365. If you can’t be responsive, get a realtor. The benefits of using a realtor are faster sales, peace of mind, increased sale price, and gets you off the emotional roller coaster in an already highly emotional transition in your life. But most importantly, it gives the potential buyer piece of mind too. Fact is most buyers are scared of FSBO.

So, to FSBO or not to FSBO, that is the question! I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to discuss listing your home and giving you the peace of mind you deserve. But if you are head strong in selling it yourself, commit to answering the call 24/7/365!